The Social Media Network

The Social Media Network

The Social Media Network Near Shoreditch, Old Street, Clerkenwell, Bishopsgate, London EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, N1.
Social media is a small part of the marketing mix, but is becoming increasing important. We here at OneNetPrint work on the 8% rule for social media–8% of your listings will come from social media for the foreseeable future, so dedicate 8% of your budget and time. The problem with social media, is how can you do a decent job publishing to Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Google+ etc. with only 8% of your time? We have clients who have more resources dedicated to social media than all other corporate marketing combined, which is sheer madness.

OneNetPrint suggests a new approach to content generation and social media management. On the content side, gone are the days when you published a quarterly newsletter and forgot about it the moment it was put in the post. We need to start thinking about every piece of content that we produce as having a shelf life for print, email, Facebook, Linked in and Twitter. The same content can be sliced and diced for multiple mediums. When this content is combined with listing information and general sales activity, you can cost effectively create a great social media presence without any additional investment in content or staff. This is the 8% rule at its best.

To manage the content, We’re increasingly finding tools like Hootsuite to work perfectly. Not only can you manage all of your social media channels from a single dashboard, you can also ‘set and forget’ posts to appear over the course of the month. This fulfills my vision of having a 3-4 hour session each month where the social strategy is set up and the generic content is entered and then letting Hootsuite do the rest of the work.

Social media is certainly a brave new world, but when viewed in context, it’s easy to develop a cost effective and easy-to-manage strategy for your Company

Brad Malone

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