Logo and Brand Importance

Logo and Brand Importance

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How do you rate the importance of your logo to your business? For that matter, do you even have a business logo? Even if you are running just a small venture, the logo is just as important as your company name. It is the first inherent connection the market makes with your brand. It also helps you to establish brand recognition.

A well-designed logo should answer the following questions that your prospective customers are certain to have in their minds: Who are you? What can you do for me?

  • Your logo must be easily recognizable. It should be unique enough to be memorable. But mind you. Try to make the design as simple as possible. Think of the most successful businesses out there. Notice how their logos are drawn. More often than not, those companies use logos that are memorable yet uncomplicated in their design. The CocaCola is a good example.
  • Design a logo that can be reproduced well in different sizes and media. Consistency is essential in establishing your brand. So make sure that your logo doesn’t lose its impact when resized or used in various materials. If you are going to use it for letterhead printing, the image must still be recognizable as how it appears in your, say, business cards.
  • Your logo must not only convey your company’s values and vision. It should also communicate a unique personality that will appeal to your target market. An effective logo should generate a positive first impression as it communicates what a business can do while capturing its unique brand personality.

Creating a good logo is not easily done overnight. You may need to think over several designs based on the above pointers. Don’t be afraid to create a few samples from which you can choose the best one to use later on.

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